Frank Wilson, BFW Contractors, St. Louis, MO

//Frank Wilson, BFW Contractors, St. Louis, MO

Frank Wilson, BFW Contractors, St. Louis, MO

As a minority contractor, AGC was an intimidating organization to join. AGC represents many of the largest and most successful contractors in the country, but these people were the easiest to reach once I became involved with the AGC. As a member of AGC, I gained access to fellow members willing to share their experiences and the lessons they’ve learned. In turn, I’ve learned a lot about the industry, the key players, and the politics. There’s a wealth of information you’re able to access as a member of AGC.

The thing is, the community we live in, this country, this world, is full of diversity. And with diversity comes strength. So the steps AGC is taking to make it easier for minority and disadvantaged business owners and contractors to enter the industry will only make this industry stronger.

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