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Richard E. Hall (1986)


Richard E. Hall (1986) This lifelong Berkeley, CA, resident graduated from the University of California Berkeley’s College of Engineering in 1938 and, following his service in the U.S. Navy Seabees in World War II, joined the firm of Underground Construction, where he served as president for nearly a quarter-century. He retired in 1992 as [read more...]


Vernie G. Lindstrom, Jr (1985)


Vernie G. Lindstrom, Jr (1985) Born in Rockford, IL, Lindstrom was the first son of a Swedish immigrant whose earliest workdays were spent stocking shelves in the family’s grocery store. Lindstrom was a freshman at the Citadel when he was called to active duty (he received a Purple Heart for wounds sustained at the [read more...]


James D. Pitcock, Jr. (1984)


James D. Pitcock, Jr. (1984) A powerful advocate for increased highway funding at federal and state levels, “Doug” Pitcock has had lines into the White House since his 1976 appointment to the National Transportation Policy Study Commission by President Ford. The twice AGC of Texas president was a founding partner of the Williams Brothers [read more...]


Richard S. Pepper (1983)


Richard S. Pepper (1983) While still in high school, Richard Pepper worked part-time for his father, sweeping the floors of the houses they were building in Palantine, IL. Pepper graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in civil engineering in 1953 and joined the ranks of Pepper Construction, taking the helm four years later [read more...]


H. C. Heldenfels (1982)


H. C. Heldenfels (1982) Back in 1982, H.C. Heldenfels (known as Tony to those who knew and worked with him), said that working in the most competitive industry imaginable was what “kept him charged up,” and it was that energy that he brought to work with him in the business his father and uncle [read more...]


Thomas E. Dailey (1981)


Thomas E. Dailey (1981) Dailey’s legacy in construction is large – and perhaps most prominently in education. His positions with the Southfield, MI-based R.E. Dailey & Co. (later T.E. Dailey & Co.), as well as his presidency, allowed him to carry the association’s message nationwide. As his 1977 mayoral candidacy in Detroit would showcase, [read more...]


Ival R. Cianchette (1980)


Ival R. Cianchette (1980) Known to his loved ones as “Bud,” Cianchette’s work ethic was innate from the time he was a paperboy and, at age 10, won a state-wide circulation contest and with that, a trip to Washington, DC. It was an event that helped cement the “hard work pays off” philosophy he [read more...]


Paul N. Howard. JR. (1979)


Paul N. Howard. JR. (1979) A native of Raleigh, NC, Howard graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in civil engineering and later founded the Paul N. Howard Company, for which he served as president and chairman of the board. In addition to his service at the highest level of the AGC, [read more...]


Laurence F. Rooney (1978)


Laurence F. Rooney (1978) Rooney’s grandfather, Laurence H., was a pioneer. Literally. He packed his bags in the 1800s and moved from Iowa to Oklahoma, which was very much the “wild west,” and to opportunity. Founded in 1896, Manhattan Construction Company was the first company to incorporate in Oklahoma when it became a state [read more...]


S. Peter Volpe (1977)


S. Peter Volpe (1977) Another ACG presidential legacy, Volpe’s brother – Massachusetts Governor John Volpe – served in AGC’s highest office 17 years earlier. S. Peter was a graduate of the Wentworth Institute of Boston and a World War II veteran who served with the U.S. Navy Seabees before joining the family business, Volpe [read more...]

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